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According to the danger of electric shock placement can be divided into three categories – those that are safe, possess an increased risk and extremely dangerous. Lavatory belongs to the third category, because it has a great number of risk factors – conductive covering, humidity, electric facilities with metal case. This state of things to To think of about and to make the washroom a safe stay. It is organic that under repairs toilet, you must to arrange it however It is possible to more elegant and attractive, but it is another matter. First, you claim to pay attention to the electrics, it want be however reliable. Because in addition to the fact that there is a risk of electrical shock, it is likely that, because of poor wiring can cause a fire. As can prevent accidents that may occur in the bathroom? In the first place, making overhaul lavatory must strictly adhere to the rules for electric, so water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Second, all of the work on electric plant, in the restroom should be implemented strictly adhering to all existing regulations. Which clearly spelled out all the restrictions on the setup of an electric facilities. However, for example, in the restroom should be kept to a minimum number of armature, wiring, junction boxes, switches and sockets. Implementing renovation washroom electrical work should be carried out however possible, rational, and connecting electricity to comply with the requirements set up out in the EMP (“Electric Code”), specifications, building codes and state standards. Bathrooms can be applied alone specialized wiring items (fork RCD, RCD socket, etc.). Protection class of wiring accessories may not be lower II, and the degree of protection against h2o want be at least IP44. Each lavatory contains metal items (bath, sink, etc.) that are not related to electricity, but, nevertheless, can result in an accident at a time when the fuse blows. In ordering to avoid stress on these objects, they need be grounded, to avoid trouble. Grounding want be done even if the bathroom is not electric. And with such equipment must take care of its grounding. In addition electric rules defined and the minimal size of conductor that is used however the grounding jumpers (for the houses will be enough twisted wire with a cross section of 6 sq. Mm.). To provide aesthetic qualities, such wire can be laid in plaster, wall cavities, floors, etc. Do not lay the cable in the washroom, which has a rubber insulation, however in later a while it becomes brittle, which increases the risk of all sorts of problems, or even fire. Based on the above, it can be concluded that the electric work in the washroom to be trusted alone to professionals who specialize in this field. Therefore, by renovating a washroom, in any case, you need not rely on its own strength and superficial knowledge. Minor savings can lead to irreparable consequences.

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