The cost of renovation in Moscow

It’s no secret that the repair of rooms – it extremely troublesome to preserve their nerves and have a concrete idea of the future cash costs more and more people to resolve this issue have looked to the experts. Repair cost apartment will mainly depend on the choices of finish for the rooms. Work required to perform minor renovation, cost from 4, 000 rubles / sqm. M, the most important of the cost is more expensive – from 4500 rubles / sqm. M in the case if you outline to create repair in the bathroom, in this situation we want start from the price of 5000 rubles / sqm. M. Replanning is among the most expensive types of work, depending on the complexity cost of work will be from 5500-6000 rubles / sqm. Initially m specialist construction company examines the premise: to determine the state placement to the performance of work, are considered distinctive features model of the placement, find out the require of the customer, build up a budget and a list of required works. The contract with the company to repair the apartment is significant to take into account a lot of nuances, however to him, among other things, need be accompanied by a series of papers, detailed cost estimate for the work and materials, blueprints premises calendar beginning and end dates of repairs. From myself require to To wishlist that, renovated rooms in Moscow is even more complicated than in other parts of the country, this is due to environmental conditions, are quickly broken down walls, plaster and other flies. Rehabilitation office estimated however an independent direction, because the criteria for the capacity of finish and make a favorable climate in this particular case, and it will depend, first, on what type of plan the customer chooses: closed (jobs are in private placement) open (the jobs are in the common area and separated by partitions), or a combination. Repair cost in the service will primarily depend on the install of the proposed operation, as properly however face lift for minimum prices for finishing work will quantity to 3, 000 rubles / sqm. M, economy class is higher – from 4000 rubles / sqm. M, the range of maintenance luxury or high-end renovation of office area should focus on the quantity in 5500 and 6500 rubles / sqm. M respectively. Maintenance companies, proved the good side, basically, all of them specialists performed warranty. To make a comfortable and fine interior is not sufficient alone renovation. Consequence collaboration company producing maintenance, styling studios and suppliers of furniture and department plant will be, comfortable for the company’s staff and interesting for its visitors. Decorating houses in contrast to renovation apartments except styling, minor repairs and inside ornament (2500-3500 rubles / sq. M.) Includes and exterior facades (4500-8000 rubles / sq. M.). Exterior beautify of houses – a collection of various works, which comprise facade insulation, roof maintenance, basement finishing, and how on. Interior decorate house involves lots of different types of work – from wiring to make a purely cosmetic tools nuances. The simplest and least expensive is redecorating, which range of work does not involve the very complex operations on the reconstruction of the premises. This repair is painting the walls, replacing linoleum, electrical installations, change windows, plumbing, and almost all other works, which are called finish works of. The embodiment of unique, copyright design projects that take into account all the most complex and unusual customer requirements, belongs to the category of VIP-rehabilitation, its cost – from 8500 rubles / sqm. M in the process of the renovation work carried out on setup of contemporary lighting, air conditioning, electrical, appliance multilevel ceilings, great decorations and all that allows currently’s design industry.

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