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Let’s say you possess conceived to make overhaul in the restroom on their own. To beginning you wish to design the project. In this article, house styling tips represent the restroom of the apartment. Washroom is no less important in the house than a cook room and bedroom, however this placement, we begin our lives, finally wake up and gain courage for the day, charged with energy water. However one of the main places in the cottage, it should be created to suit your interests, needs and tastes. For people who love creative design and striking contrasts very fit our project restroom styling in the style of kitsch, which has incorporated various styles of design options, well-connected and the contrast betwixt them. To make contrast in the restroom, small size, we will cover wall area with ceramic floor tiles with simulated stone. This will give us the feeling that the rooms is not in a comfortable house in the city, carved into the cave. It is understood that the washroom is one of the most humid room in the placement, along with the kitchen, but if there is a wood window in the hood, so by and large restroom has no windows, and other means to remove and very dry the placement. Today, there are many means to absorb moisture, so you should apply them, and do not forget to select up a good grade development substances for wall ornament. For example, the same ceramic tile want be meshed rightly with the wall, big-grade, and the durability and practicality can and should expect from most wall tile, choosing really reliable. However mentioned earlier, we chose our project wall tiles with simulated stone, and to mitigate the capacity of this is the invoice we will need a wall tile with a gentle pattern, we will strengthen the sink and, with a few lines on the walls give the unification of the whole placement. Sink, and the adjoining suite restroom is done using blue paint to match tiles with a simple pattern, so how to enable a large number of stone walls contrast with the same amount of soft blue tones, allowing placement will seem coldness and uncomfortable. In the bathroom, we replace the usual and so habitual bath to shower, saving the put to go, and a wash machine, which we put in a corner. Of course, not everyone is ready to leave the bathroom, however the choice is yours. Decide which is more important to you: to find enough area for a wash machine or leave the bath in the restroom. The lighting in the lavatory should be soft. Separate and additional lightness source requires a mirror at the sink, because that is where men shave their facial skin, some women use makeup. Good light key to success in these cases. If you do not similar it too cold-blooded, blue gamma stone and wall tile, you can cheat a some and use no ordinary illuminators for lighting, and color with a yellow tinge, and however we get a “warm” bathroom, and contrast of lightness in it. Did not accept this styling? Visit our forum: Interior Styling apartment!

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